Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Tax Back Condos FAQ


Q         Is a Condo in Downtown Toronto still a good investment?


A         Canada remains the favorite immigration destination on the planet.  In the core of Downtown Toronto, the demand for housing far outweighs the current supply and the right projects get sold out on the very first day. That is why Downtown Toronto continues to be the hottest property market with recorded appreciation rates of over 10% and the potential to double your investment by the time a project is completed.


Q         Where to Buy?


A         In order to ensure a great investment it is important to invest in the right neighborhood. Remember, not every waterfront property is a downtown condo. The place to invest is the core of downtown Toronto in the heart of the entertainment / financial districts where a few blocks east or west north or south can make all the difference. It’s also important to invest in projects by builders with a proven track record of success. And that is what we specialize in.


Q         What is a VIP deal?


A         VIP deal ensures the best package and the best price. Due to our track record and close relationship with major builders we offer VIP deals on any major project.


Q         What are the advantages of a VIP deal?


A         Greatly discounted  pre-public prices

            First choice of the best investment units

            Easier and extended modes of payment,

            Assignment clause

            Capping of utilities


Q         What is an Assignment Clause?


A         It is a special clause that offers you the flexibility to sell your condo prior to closing with no or a greatly reduced penalty.